Home Security Apps for Android Devices

In today’s world when the crime rate is rapidly increasing day by day, having a home security system is not just a good idea – it’s essential. Home security is a prime reason for concern because no one can see their family members in fear or a problematic situation.

With the growing number of assaults on homes, security companies are also offering technologically advanced home security apps for Android devices, and most of them are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, tablets, Windows phones, Android and other web-enabled devices.

Top Home Security Apps

Choosing the best security app for your home is probably the trickiest part of the whole process. You must select an app that is well-recognized and ranked among the best. On top of that, make sure to have an appropriate VPN setting for Android on your phone that supports these apps while masking your device. Here we list some Android apps best for smartphones or tablets for home security.

Alfred- Home Security Camera

It is an app that lets you turn your Android into a surveillance camera. The critical point of this app is that you can re-use old smartphones to monitor your home. It has got a smooth interface and amazing design with many of its features available for free.

Therefore, one does not need to go through lengthy signups and logins. Its most exciting feature is the motion detector. After turning on this option, you receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as the app detects motion. Moreover, it has got night vision, along with sound and video and picture recording.


Cameras associated with Ivideon are accessible from any device, including computers and smartphones. Ivideon app includes the capability of sending audio back online.

Moreover, live streaming using the internet from any device and location is also possible. It detects dubious events and easily shrugs off other distractions while keeping the camera’s field of vision by itself, so you don’t have to check again and again and wait for a notification.

IP Webcam

IP Webcam is an app that turns your Android device into a remote camera with multiple view options that you can see on any platform, an internet browser or via VLC player. This app has got a basic set of features including live video streaming, support for FTP servers and Dropbox, motion detection, VLC player, and video chat support.


WardenCam is the best app for a spare smartphone or tablet collecting dust somewhere. It transforms your old Android smartphones and tablets into home security cameras that you can watch while you’re away.

It can work anywhere with WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE. Download WardenCam on two phones. One will serve as your camera at your specified location, and the other one will be with you as a watcher. You need to sign in with the same google account on both devices, and that’s it.

Thanks to these advanced technologies, we can now have total security whether or not we are at home. Also, they are simple, reasonable and reliable in use.