The Rising Terrorism Wave In The United States

 ‘Terrorism’ is a word heard by almost every human on Earth. Particularly, the post-9/11 era has made this word ubiquitous. Yet, the horrors of this term seemingly have no end. In fact, after the supposed ‘war against terrorism’ began and spread worldwide, things started to become even more furious. This has happened to an extent that the main protagonist of this war against terrorism – the United States – has experienced chilling waves of terror attacks throughout the nation.

Terrorism In The United States

During the past few years, terrorist attacks have drastically increased in the United States. From known crimes to cybercrimes and large-scale attacks, almost every bad move is going around with seemingly no control. It doesn’t mean any relaxation of laws or improper implementation. Rather it depicts the growth and prevalence of violence among the general public, which has subsequently developed more criminals.

Here is a quick look at the most prevalent crimes in the United States during the past few years.

Right Wing Terrorism

One of the oldest, yet the most prevalent sort of terrorism in the USA comes from the right-wing and the white nationalists. According to stats from the New America Foundation, until May 2019, 87 killings have been attributed to far-right attacks. Whereas, the U.S. Government Accountability Office reports 73% of deaths resulting from violent attacks after September 2001 have been triggered by the right-wing extremists.

Islamist Terrorism

The first reports of Islamic terrorism in the United States came from the September 11, 2001, attacks, when two airplanes hit into the World Trade Center towers resulting in mass casualties. While during the following few years, there were seemingly no reports of such attacks, things started to boil again from the year 2009 onwards, when a local soldier was shot dead inside a recruiting center by an American Muslim man. Since then, there have been numerous reports of Islamic terrorism causing a varying number of casualties.

Shootings At Schools

Another terrorist activity that is seemingly on a rise in the United States is shooting at schools. Only in 2018, 113 individuals have been victimised (either dead or injured) as a result of such attacks. According to a report, 2018 marked the most number of reports of shooting at schools as compared to the previous years dating back until 1970.


With the rise in internet technology, cybercrimes have emerged as the most frequent, rapid, and usually under-reported sort of terrorism with devastating results. These crimes involve everything from card frauds to account hacks, social media misuse by fake accounts, impersonation, identity theft, malware/ransomware attacks, and data breaches.

Reasons Triggering Increase In Crime Rate

According to different reports and statistics, the overall crime rate in the United States has declined as compared to the one in the 1980s. However, the rate shows high spikes after 2014. These crimes usually include violent attacks by individuals who are ideologically biased or extremist. During the years 2015 and 2016, there was a horrifying increase in violence, including murder, assault, rape, robbery, or non-negligent manslaughter.

Comparing the terrorist activities in the United States to that of global terrorism, there seems a clear difference. Most terror-based attacks around the world link back to one or more of terrorist organizations and involve more than one person to wage the attack. However, in the USA, most of the terror attacks are waged by violent individuals with apparently no link to a terrorist party (in most cases). These individuals are rather psychologically extremist or violent. Thus, they prefer to put an end to anyone or anything that opposes their ideology or believes.

Digging down deep into details while trying to hop over to these guys would reveal that most of these individuals have no criminal background. So, what makes them so violent that they become terrorist?

Well, one of the prime reasons behind this violent psychology is the rise of violent video games. When a child grows up playing games involving guns, bloodshed, brutal killings, and obscenity, he is likely to consider this normal in real-life too.

The other usual reasons contributing triggering the development of such violent mindsets include fake competition on the virtual internet world (for instance, people prefer to lie on social media accounts merely to have boastful profiles), social or financial deprivations, domestic violence, and bullying. Eventually, the weaker or young minds with such psychological or social issues are more vulnerable to cyber threats. They become an easy target of the threat actors, who then challenge, motivate, or demotivate these souls for killings and suicidal activities. A recent example of such a trigger factor is the wave of the Blue Whale game, causing numerous teenage suicides globally.

Being a technologically advanced and a first-world country, it is terrible to see the rise in crimes in the United States. Perhaps, this is high time that such activities should be condemned alongside the elimination of all factors that contribute to such violent activities. Once the US succeeds in controlling internal violence, only then it would be able to contain global terrorism.